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As Americans in with non-muslim families living in non-muslim communities, it is very difficult for reverts to find prayer dresses and carpets to pray on. As a result, a lot of us end up praying in weird outfits and on things like pillow cases, towels, and blankets.

Although God doesn't discriminate when it comes to how we look when we pray, I know how it feels to not have the right items and to not only wonder how to get them but to also feel kind of unofficial/left out by praying in pajamas and on a towel.

I pray these carpets get a lot of use and that you stay on the straight and guided path always ... AMEEN! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! 💖 


💖 A friendly reminder these carpets are for REVERTS ONLY! 

💖  Color will be fulfilled at random. If the carpet is for a brother, please include a note at checkout so I don't send a pink or purple one.

💖 They will be offered until supply runs out iA. They are technically free, the $8 is the cost of shipping.

💖 Please only order 1 at a time so that everyone has a chance to order one before they're gone.

💖 Orders with 1+ will only receive 1 carpet. 

💖 Thank you for your consideration, I love you all!